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One of Tulsa’s most creative and prolific architects was surely Donald Honn.  He was born in 1918 in Champagne, Illinois and received his degree in 1941 from the University of Illinois and established his practice in Tulsa in 1949.  Honn designed many of Tulsa’s premier mid-century modern neighborhoods, such as Lortondale, and he designed others in Lubbock, San Angelo and El Paso, Texas.  Honn died in 1999.


Donald H. Honn Associates, 1949
Morris & Honn, briefly in the 1950s

Projects in OK:

Lortondale neighborhoods, Tulsa and Lubbock, TX
Dollie-Mac neighborhoods, Tulsa and Lubbock, TX
Honn House, Tulsa
Meadowbrook Country Club, Tulsa (with Hideo Sasaki)
Kendall House, Bartlesville
Precision Products & Controls Factory and Offices, Tulsa
Tulsa Country Club, Tulsa
Jaycees International Headquarters, Tulsa (demolished)

Mod Blog Features:

Tulsa Takes to Glass Walls: Lortondale in House + Home
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*  Honn’s Lortondale was also the subject of an in-depth study in 2006 to determine the neighborhood’s eligibility for the National Register.  Go here to have a look at it.

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