On the Market: A Time Capsule in Bethany

text and photos by Lynne Rostochil

I was out and about over the weekend taking some photos for what was going to be this week’s Mod Blog entry when I stumbled upon another great time capsule, this time in Bethany.  So, I’m putting the original post on hold and devoting today’s blog to this beauty since I know that several of you are looking for a perfect mod to call your very own.  Hopefully, this will be THE ONE for a lucky Squadder.

Located in the heart of a well-cared-for neighborhood off of Council and NW 30th, this sweet house has been owned since Day 1 by George Dame, a local artist and sculptor who, with his energetic wife, Naomi, was a part of the Oklahoma City arts and theater scene for decades.  George was a member of the Oklahoma Sculpture Society, was involved in many art shows, and taught jewelry design/making classes at the Oklahoma Science and Arts Foundation, while Naomi was heavily involved in the Mummers Theater/Oklahoma Theater Center.  Naomi was also an excellent chef and hostess extraordinaire, so this house is filled with all kinds of creative vibes!  I found this cool arts opening brochure with George as one of the artists — love that lettering:



According to George and Naomi’s daughter, Pam, theirs was one of the first houses on the block when it was built in 1963 as part of Don Brown’s new development, Deville Park I, which encompassed the area from Council and NW 23rd north to NW 26th and east to Glade:

deville park


Located on a street comprised of mostly more traditional homes, the attractive, rock-embellished Dame house is a true stand out:



The front entrance:



The wow’s begin as soon as you walk in the door, with stunning stained glass panels, a pendant light, and more rock on hand to happily greet all who enter.



The rock continues as you walk into the open living/dining areas.  This view is from the entry looking toward the L-shaped dining/breakfast room and garage:



And this is from the dining area looking toward the living room:



Originally, a rock wall capped with stained glass divided the dining and living spaces, but the Dames removed it years ago to open up the space.  However, they were smart and kept the charming divider and placed it in front of the sliding glass door in the living room:




Going back toward the dining room is a small breakfast area, complete with built-in serving area and storage:



Yes, that is original grass cloth on the wall!

From the breakfast room, turn to the left to enter the compact but very cool kitchen.  Love the original cabinets, the cool green linoleum floor that was likely added in the ’70s, and the oh-so-sexy Nutone Food Center:



I have always wanted a Food Center, and I want one even more after watching this hilarious YouTube video about some of the innovative and enthusiastic attachments that went along with this baby:


Think that’s cool?  Well, have a look at this cheerful green floor and tell me you don’t ADORE it:



Yep, I’d definitely be keeping that if I were buying this modest mod.  Another thing about the kitchen I love is that it’s open at the top to the other common areas of the home, so the cook isn’t completely isolated from all of the action in the other rooms:



Leaving the kitchen, the ample, two-car garage is on the right, and look at all of the storage it has to offer along the back wall — this must have been George’s work area:



From the garage is easy access to the lovely backyard:



The back of the house:



Back through the garage and into the living room is the rock trimmed fireplace.  I don’t know about that slate, but look at those cool pendant lights!



The main bathroom received a ‘do in the ’70s, but I really kind of like it:




That tile is AMAZING!!!

The almost 1,400-square-foot house was originally a three bedroom/two bath deal, but after their kiddos moved out, George and Naomi converted the bedroom nearest the living room into a den with built-in wet bar.  If you’re in need of that third bedroom, it could easily be converted back.

So, how much is all of this mid-century greatness, you ask?  Well, the listing price is a very affordable $102,500.  If you’re interested in seeing the house in person (and I really hope someone in Mod Squad land is), contact Remax realtor Rhonda Baldischwiler at 626-4555.  The address is 7624 NW 25th Terrace.