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Ralph Black was born in Missouri in 1883 and attended Washington University in St. Louis.  After graduation, he joined his father in the firm, A. Black & Son from 1914-1925.  Black’s future partner, Robert E. West, was born in Edmond in 1904 and graduated from OSU in 1926.  The two formed Black & West in 1945 and remained a team until they both retired in the 1970s.  Black died in 1976 and West died in 1994.


A. Black & Son (just Ralph Black)
Black & West, 1945-1965
Black, West & Wozencraft, 1965-1972

Projects in OK:

Skelly Building, Tulsa
Vocational School for Boys, Helena
Supreme Temple of the Rainbow Girls, McAlester
Tulsa County Courthouse, Tulsa
Edison High School, Tulsa
McClain High School, Tulsa
CITGO Building, Tulsa

Mod Blog Features:

Okie Mod on the National Register
Searching for Modernism in Small Town Oklahoma


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