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Norman Berlowitz was born in McAlester in 1913 and was raised there and in OKC.  He received his Bachelors and Masters degrees from Washington University in St. Louis.  After graduatimg in 1935, Berlowitz worked for various firms and married his wife, Judith, during World War II.  They had one child, a daughter named Jean.  After the war, Norman established his own practice in OKC and worked in various partnerships for 20 years before deciding to give up being his own boss and joining up with Hudgins, Thompson & Ball in the late 1960s.  After he retired, Norman moved to Oregon and according to his obituary, he and his wife travelled the world and he “turned again to water color painting after a 50-year hiatus.”  He died in 2006.


Rue, Berlowitz & Commander
Berlowitz & Commander, 1945-1955
Berlowitz & Ammerman, 1955-1964
Went to work for HTB after that


Tomorrow’s Home, Nichols Hills
Berlowitz House, OKC
Macklanburg-Duncan Plant, OKC
Hillel Foundation, Norman
Temple B’nai Israel, OKC
Emanual Synagogue addition, OKC
High House, Nichols Hills
Bretz House, OKC

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