The Oklahoma Cat Club Double Merit Show of 1957

by Lynne Rostochil.

Certainly one of the quirkiest pieces of OKC ephemera I’ve ever found is the subject of this week’s Mod Blog, a cat-alog for the 1957 Oklahoma Cat Club show.

In 1957, the Oklahoma Cat Club was just two years old and this was just the second kitty event they ever hosted.  From the impressive media coverage they received and the fact that this became an annual event, I assume that it was a paw-sitive experience for the fledgling group and a great success.  Here are a couple of felines entered in the 1957 contest from the Oklahoman archives:

There’s no way I could ever enter my tuxedo kitty, Neko, in a feline competition — it would be a purr-fect disaster with fur and dander flying everywhere and my arms a clawed and bloody mess.  But, I’m glad to see that not all kitties are fraidy-cats like Neko and seemed to be very comfortable around strangers and other members of their species.

Here’s the cat-alog from the weekend (click a photo to enlarge it):

I’m happy to report that the Cat Club is still around and hosts an annual all breed and household pet show every April.  Go check it out!