Happy Holidays, Mod Squad Style — 2017

by Lynne Rostochil

Man, this holiday season came quickly this year!  If you’re like me and are feeling very unprepared for it all, grab a much-needed drinky, sit down, and relax as you check out these vintage images of yuletide’s past.  Let’s begin with a couple of photos of spoiled brat cute little tots:

I love this one from 1956 of a little girl with those awful pink curlers in her hair hanging her stockings with care.  I guess that Santa came in through the window at her house:

And, if vintage Christmas trees are your thing, check out these cuties — one person liked her table top tree so much that he/she made sure to photograph it from every angle:

These two lovely ladies don’t look very comfortable sitting in their pencil skirts by the tree, but they sure look good:

Ed and Clara celebrate 25 years of marriage with this card from 1956:

And I love this one from 1947:

The note on the back of this card reads, “Dear Dr. Spivey,  Our boys will be ten years old the 27th — and, as you know, are a source of constant joy to us.  They have had their tonsils out, are wearing braces on their teeth, and are about fixed up.  At this season of the year we always think of you and wish we could have as big a part in your happiness as you have had in ours.  Sincerely, The McCalls.”

Very sweet.  This next card, not so much if clowns freak you out:

To me, he looks like a very proud papa clown who can’t wait until his little munchkin can perform under the big top with him.

And, with that, we will say Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyful Kwanzaa, or just Happy Holidays to all of you great Squadders out there!