Back to School, Mod Style

by Lynne Rostochil.

Kids are bummed but parents are thrilled to get back into the school routine, so to celebrate, here are some vintage images from the OPUBCO collection at the History Center of school days of the past.

New desk set up at John Marshall High School, 1950:

These guys skipped out on six and a half months of school in the mid-1950s — no wonder they look so glum at being caught and sent back to the halls of academia:

Playground fun — who didn’t love tetherball?:

You’ve got to love those desks:

Riding the bus to school — that wasn’t a lot of fun during the days when kids were driven all over the place and far from home as part of busing:

Oh how I hated those ankle socks with the ruffles that slipped down to the bottom of your heel during recess:

School fashion for 1967:

Here are some of the mod buildings these industrious students gathered at every day:

D.D. Kirkland, 1958:

Douglass High School:

Herbert Hoover Junior High under construction:

Ridgeview Elementary:

West Nichols Hills Elementary:

Have a great school year, kiddos!