The Posh Parks of Oklahoma in the Ford Times

by Lynne Rostochil.  Magazine from Lynne’s collection.



Recently, I picked up the August 1971 issue of the Ford Times that features an effusive article on the Sooner State’s newest state lodges, the glitzy Fountainhead and the organic modern Arrowhead, both of which were designed by Bailey Bozalis Dickinson & Roloff and completed in 1964.  Here’s the article:




We’ve covered the sad fate of both Fountainhead and Arrowhead in previous blogs, and this entertaining article makes me miss them even more.  What a loss.  To counter my forlorn state, I went on to read this very fun snipit about the shiny new 1971 Mustang, a car that “makes every driving day a pleasure.”  Check it out:



I don’t know about that every day is a pleasure claim.  A high school friend of mine had a gold ’72 Mustang that was beautiful to look at but awkward and clunky to drive and broke down like clockwork every few weeks.   But, she looked great in it when it did run, so she didn’t care.

The magazine features one more fun article that brought back some good memories.  This one is about the Ford Wagonmaster and immediately made me think of being an un-seat-belted kid rolling around in the far back of my Mom’s mustard-colored AMC Hornet Sportabout (sorry, Ford) while she tooled around town listening to The Carpenters on the 8-track.  We had the ’71 model:

hornet sportabout

Ours was a no frills model without the crazy Gucci package.  Darn it.  And, while I didn’t mind the Hornet too much, it wasn’t luxurious as my aunt’s giant, wood paneled Country Squire, which offered considerably more rolling around room.

ford country squire

Here’s the article about the Wagonmaster that will surely make you smile and remember the station wagons of your youth: