Surviving the Mean Oklahoma Summer, Vintage Style

by Lynne Rostochil

Recently, Squadder Diane Coady posted an article about vintage Las Vegas pools on our Facebook page, and it gave me the idea of rummaging through the OPUBCO collection at The History Center to see what I could dig up of vintage poolside/aquatic life in the Sooner State.  Lots o’ goodies, fortunately, so grab a refreshing summer drink, sink your legs into a hopefully-not-too-steamy pool, and enjoy!


These lovely ladies are looking forward to the completion of the Cushing pool, 1949:

cushing pool to open 1949

And the Cushing pool after it opened in 1950:

cushing pool 1950 beauty contestants

cushing pool 1954

Hanging out at the swimming hole, 1946:

swimming hole 1946

Long lines for the diving board at the Will Rogers pool, 1972:

will rogers pool 1972

The Wedgewood Amusement Park pool, 1958:

Wedgewood pool 1958

Hanging out at the Twin Hills pool, 1958:

twin hills pool 1956

Swimming lessons at the Enid Negro pool, 1957:

Enid Negro pool 1957

Synchronized swimming at the downtown YMCA, 1954:

synchronized swimming ymca pool 1954

High dive at the Lake ViewCountry Club, 1959:

lake view cc pool 1959

Scuba fun, 1958:

scuba pool 1958

High fashion and big bouffants at the Village pool, 1963:

Village pool 1963

Even the pups get in on the fun, 1957:

pool dogs 1957

Enjoying a contemplative moment, 1975:

pool 1975

Lots of charm at the Laverne pool, 1954

pool laverne 1954

Dipping toes, 1965:

pool 1965

Up high at the Wiley Post pool, 1959:

wiley post pool 1959

Lovelies at the Wentz Park pool in Ponca City, 1958:

wentz park swimming pool pC 1958

Life guarding at Twin Hills, 1955:

twin hills lifeguard 1955

Lounging by the pool, 1956:

pool 1956 2

Preparing to launch, 1954:

pool 1954

Kayaking in the tiny Penn Square fountain pool, 1976:

penn square pool 1976

The race begins at the Norman pool, 1967:

norman pool 1967

No one is swimming today at the Lone Branch YMCA pool, 1966:

lone branch ymca 1966

Lots of fun at the Del City Sequoyah pool, 1971:

del city sequoyah pool 1971

Poolside coffee, 1971:

condo pool 1971

The coolest place to be in the sweltering heat, 1972:

pool 1972