Soon-To-Be On the Market: The Brady Bunch Meets Hugh Hefner in this Swanky Pad

text and photos by Lynne Rostochil

Debbie Ellis front 1

I have a real love for the ’70s — I adore the big-collared, obnoxiously pattered and colored fashions, the nutty history (think Pet Rocks), and the dance-all-night tunes.  Yes, the decade seemed to have a real sense of humor, probably drug induced, about just about everything — I mean, how can you not smile when you think of that over-the-top, goofy era of bell bottoms, “Saturday Night Fever,” and CBs?  Exactly!  One of my favorite aspects of the era is the crazy interior design, so I’m always excited to tour a disco-era home when I hear that it retains some of its original features.  When Squadder, Debbie, invited me to check out the ’70s home she and her husband, Dwight, are about to sell, I jumped at the opportunity to check it out.  Guys, all I can say is WOW — wait, I should say FAR OUT if we’re sticking with the era, right?  Well, FAR OUT is right!  This extremely photogenic house more than lives up to everything Debbie has described to me over the years.  She and Dwight are downsizing and will be putting this drop dead gorgeous abode up for sale very soon.  The unique home has never been on the market, and perhaps it can remain that way if one of you fall in love with it as much as I have and decide to make it yours.

The home, which is located in beautiful Quail Creek, is one part Brady Bunch … literally, with this great staircase in the entry …:

Debbie Ellis den 2

… and a lot of parts Hugh Hefner in his Chicago Playboy days:

hugh hefner 2

Okay, well, maybe the house is all Hugh Hefner and just a little bit Brady Bunch, after all.  I’m not even kidding, either.  According to Debbie, the nearly 5,100 sf house was built in 1974 for a prototypical bachelor as his swingin’ pad, and I think it must have been quite the party spot a la Hef, indeed.  Have a look at the giant sunken living room with a really sexy mirrored fireplace and you’ll see what I mean:

Debbie Ellis sunken living room 4

Debbie Ellis sunken living room 2

How much do you love that curvy white sectional?  I imagine that our OKC version of Hugh Hefner had a sofa much like this one in the space and a lot of lounging and jazzy music listening took place here.

Surrounding the oh-so-fun sunken living room is where the fun really begins:

debbie ellis pole 1DSC_4982

First, check out all of that beautiful flagstone flooring — love!  And, yes, you are seeing things correctly — that IS a fireman’s pole in the middle of the room!  Being in such close proximity to the bar area, I can only imagine the stories it could tell if it could talk.  Lots of swinging of all kinds took place here, I’m sure!

Debbie Ellis pole

Every home should have something as fun as this, don’t you think?  And the fun just continues with the very hip sunken bar just beyond the pole:


It also overlooks a very private courtyard, where I imagine our Hugh Hefner wannabe surely had a tryst or two … or 20:

Debbie Ellis courtyard off of bar area

Back to that great bar, complete with original lighting:


Debbie Ellis bar light

Yes, I could camp out in this swanky bar area for days and days drinking Mai Tais and listening to the soulful sounds of Miles Davis on the hi fi.

Just beyond the bar is the other side of the sexy mirrored fireplace, which I’m sure was the perfect spot for slinkily clad women to adjust their bunny ears and straighten up after long make out sessions with Mr. Bachelor…

Debbie Ellis fireplace

The fireplace leads the way to another cozy lounge area:

Debbie Ellis nook 1

Here’s another image of this great and very flexible space that overlooks the backyard — this view is looking back toward the sunken living room:

Debbie Ellis nook 2

Making a circle around the living room, we end up back at the entry:

Debbie Ellis entry 2

Debbie Ellis entry kitchen stairs

Yes, a well dressed man or woman could certainly make a very stylish entrance through that great door and down those dramatic flagstone steps, don’t you think?

The doorway on the right in the second photo leads to a pretty incredible, large kitchen that I’m sure was little used in our bachelor’s days living in the home.  That’s a shame because the kitchen has some pretty heart stopping original cabinetry trimmed in brass:

Debbie Ellis kitchen 1

Debbie Ellis kitchen cabinets

I’m so in love with these cabinets, and the original refrigerator (top kitchen photo) is faced with the same wood.  Mmm, mmm, good!

Off of the kitchen is a mother-in-law suite and the spacious laundry room/half bath:

Debbie Ellis mil bedroom

Debbie Ellis laundry

Going back through the kitchen toward the front of the house is the fun and funky dining room that looks out to the front entry:

Debbie Ellis dining 3

Debbie Ellis dining 5

Here’s the view looking down into the dining room from the entry:

Debbie Ellis dining 1

I just know that a lot of super chic dinner parties occurred in this fashionable space.  And see that amazing grooved paneling that acts as an accent wall in the dining room?

Debbie Ellis dining 2

Debbie Ellis dining 4

Well, it hides a secret — a hutch that provides ample storage for little-used dishes, flatware, and just about anything else you feel like hiding from public view.  I wonder if our bachelor hid a mistress or two there to avoid getting busted by a jealous girlfriend….

Back in the entry, let’s look again at all of that great flagstone flooring:

Debbie Ellis entry 2

The first door on the left is an all-original and very masculine guest bathroom:

Debbie Ellis bath off of entry

And around the corner is giant office or studio or theater room or whatever you want it to be:

Debbie Ellis - den



Love all of those built-ins!

Now, let’s head upstairs to view more fun, which begins with a great view of the one-of-a-kind, two-story front door area:

Debbie Ellis entry front door

This is the first of three smaller bedrooms that aren’t really small at all:

Debbie Ellis upstairs bedroom 1

May I please have that crazy round bed?  I’ve always wanted one, and this beauty came from Herb Greene’s Cunningham House in Quail Creek during an estate sale there a few years ago.  What I want to know is where do you get sheets for a round bed?  Debbie has two of them (the other is in the mother-in-law room), so I’m sure she knows.  Also, I don’t think it’s any coincidence that Hugh Hefner liked round beds, too:

hugh hefner

Nope, no coincidence at all.

Going down the long hall to the master is an updated bathroom…

Debbie Ellis upstairs bath

… another bedroom with plenty of built-ins…

Debbie Ellis upstairs bedroom 2

… and a third very cheerful bedroom complete with a balcony overlooking the jaw dropping pool and backyard:

Debbie Ellis upstairs bedroom 3

Debbie Ellis upstairs bedroom 3 storage

Debbie Ellis backyard from balcony 1

We will get to that incredible backyard in a minute, I promise, but first take a look at the cozy exercise room:

 Debbie Ellis exercise room smaller

Just before Debbie and Dwight moved into the house 10 years ago, the previous owner added on the luxurious master suite.  For some reason, they totally ignored the more contemporary architecture of the rest of the house and went traditional with the addition.  They were definitely NOT bachelor pad people.  Even with that, it’s a great and very relaxing space space:

Debbie Ellis master bedroom 1

Debbie Ellis master bedroom 2

The doors open out onto a shared balcony with the previous bedroom — what a view!

Debbie Ellis backyard balcony 2

As if that weren’t cool enough, take a look at the giant master bathroom — okay it’s not mod, but who cares when you can have all of that room and storage!

Debbie Ellis master bath 1

Debbie Ellis master bath 2

Debbie Ellis master bath 3

Here is the ample “his” master closet — now that’s something I’m sure our fashionable bachelor would have appreciated:

Debbie Ellis master closet his

And, one of my very favorite parts of the house, the “hers” closet that includes a thoughtfully designed built-in vanity area:

Debbie Ellis master closet hers vanity

Debbie Ellis master closet hers

Yes, there is a skylight in this closet to add a little natural light to this already perfect space. Does life get any better than this?

Well, actually, yes it does.  One of the very best parts of this property is the expansive backyard that takes up a half acre and backs up to a wooded creek.  (The entire lot is 3/4 acre, which is pretty rare for city living.)  The big highlight of the outdoor space is the monstrous sparkling pool surrounded by a dramatic flagstone deck:

Debbie Ellis pool 1DSC_4993

 debbie ellis pool 1DSC_4996

On hot summer days, you can hang out in the shaded and very cozy cabana, sip a few fruity drinks, cook up dinner in the outdoor kitchen, and enjoy the lovely poolside view:

debbie ellis pool 1DSC_4999

debbie ellis cabana 1DSC_5011

debbie ellis outdoor kitchen 1DSC_5015

Beyond the cabana is a fire pit area…

debbie ellis backyard 1DSC_5021

… and a romantic rock bridge and creek bed that leaks to the babbling brook beyond the property line:

debbie ellis backyard 1DSC_5030

debbie ellis creek bridge


This great piece of ’70s swank mixed with classic charm can be yours for $697,000.  If you’re interested in checking out this incredible space — that even Hugh Hefner would be happy to call home — give Debbie a call to set up an appointment.  Her number is 534-7786.