A Message To You, Rudi — FLW Would Not Be Pleased

by Lynne Rostochil.  Brochure from Zachary Matthews’ collection.

Squadder Zach Matthews picked up an unusual piece of history at a local flea market and is graciously sharing it with the Mod Squad.  According to him, this interesting brochure was printed by OU and distributed when the plans for Price Tower were on display at the University in the spring of 1953, prior to the groundbreaking.

Zachary says, “I don’t think Taliesin ever saw the final layout of this paper or they would have corrected the color to a more approximate version of Cherokee Red and not allowed the ‘layout by rudi’ on the cover page. Sharing space with with FLW on a cover like that would have been a big no no!”

According to Zach, the Price Tower archives has no record of this brochure, so it must have been a low print run.  I did some digging and found that an art/architecture exhibit took place around the same time at OU and it featured information about the Price Tower, so I’m assuming this brochure was printed for that event.

Here are images of the rest of this unusual and rare document  — just click an image to enlarge it: