Happy Holidays, Mod Squad Style — 2015

by Lynne Rostochil

I spend a lot … I mean A LOT … of time trolling through the Oklahoman archives and doing research about buildings, architects, etc., but one of my very favorite things to do is lust over all of the great ads from old editions.  I really love the holiday ads for everything from shoes to furniture and thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you.

How about this little “I Love Lucy” set from the mid-’50s?


Feeling especially generous?  Then this one for one of my all-time favorite dream cars would make the recipient a very happy camper, indeed:


If that’s a little out of your budget, I’d like to recommend a one of these players — how cute is #2?


Or go with the Santa’s Super Special — a big 21″ console for only $179!


I’d love to give my kiddos this diesel train set … which would really be for me, but don’t tell anyone.


Here are a few ads over the years for the ever popular Polaroid:



polaroid 1972

If you’re on a budget, you can pick up a Peggy Ann doll for your kiddo …

peggy doll 1962 cropped

… then go by and lust over these fashions inspired by Diana Dors and Natalie Wood:

howard shoup natalie wood diana dors design 1962

You may not be able to afford those high fashions, but you might be able to grab this cool cedar chest instead:


Whatever you do, just don’t get me any of these for Christmas ….

clogs 1972

Nope, not a fan.

Okay, this one has absolutely nothing at all to do with the holidays, but I love it and thought I’d share this great Sinclair fuel ad that fit right in with the Space Age, anyway: