The 1956 Parade of Homes Plans Featuring R. Duane Conner’s Electri-Living House

by Lynne Rostochil

Awhile back, I was doing some online research and stumbled across the Retro Rockets blog, which is devoted to all things mid-century modern.  In 2014, the blog featured several designs from the 1956 Parade of Homes Plans and #15 was OKC’s own Electri-Living House designed by R. Duane Conner — we devoted a Mod Blog to Living For Young Homemaker’s coverage of the house here.  I never knew that the home had been featured in other publications until seeing it on Retro Rockets and was very pleasantly surprised to see three photos of the model for the house, too.  Conner built all of his models in his bathtub, and my mother vividly remembers that she and her siblings would get in big trouble if they ever even went near one of his creations; it’s sad to think that they’re all very likely landfill now.  Anyway, even though we don’t have the real thing, it’s great to see these photos and to read such glowing words about this very modern design:

Conner - kent house 1


Conner - kent house 2

Conner - kent house 1 - model on cover of magazine

Conner - kent house 4

Conner - kent house 5

Go to the Retro Rockets page here to see more of the homes covered in this guide, but only do so if you have a lot of perusing time — the blog is filled with all kinds of fun MCM info.