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Julian Vahlberg graduated from OU in 1941 and then served overseas in China during World War II.  When he returned after the war, he began working with his uncle, Walter, and brother, Robert.  The three soon formed their own firm, and they worked together until Walter’s death in 1959.  Vahlberg formed his own firm in 1968 and worked until his untimely death at the age of 56 in 1973.


Vahlberg, Palmer & Vahlberg, 1949-1959
Palmer & Vahlberg, 1959-1967
Julian Vahlberg, 1968-1973

Projects in OK:

Herold Building, OKC (demolished)
Pauls Valley United Methodist Church Education Bldg., Pauls Valley
Waurika High School, Waurika
Russell Babb Elementary, Harrah (partially demolished)
Newcastle High School, Newcastle
Vahlberg House, OKC

Mod Blog Features:

Broadcast Station Design in 1940

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