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Born and raised in Texas, Robert F. Reed decided that he wanted to be a part of all of the great things Bruce Goff was doing at OU and headed to Norman to partake in all of the fun.  After Goff left OU midway through Robert’s time there, the young student returned to Texas and received his degree at UT in Austin.  He soon found himself back in Oklahoma working for Noftsger & Lawrence before starting his own firm in 1966.  He spent his career in Oklahoma City designing some of the Metro’s most interesting homes — many of which are located in Quail Creek — and working on projects for many of the big movers and shakers in town.  His projects have been featured in Better Homes & Gardens, Architectural Digest, Builder magazine, and Quail Creek News.


Robert Reed & Associates, 1966-?
Crandall-Reed, 1988-1990s


Blumenthal House, OKC
Singer House, OKC
Krogstad House, OKC
Holmboe House, OKC
Taylor House, OKC
Kornfeld House, OKC
Delhotal House, OKC
St. John’s Catholic Church, Edmond
Rex Kennedy Rosser Center, OKC Zoo
Hi-Point Condos, Monkey Island, Grand Lake

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