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Paul Harris was born in 1902 and graduated from what is now OSU in 1925.  After graduation, he worked as a draftsman for John Duncan Forsythe and then for Hawk & Parr before starting his own firm in 1928 in Chickasha.  During his years there, he designed many buildings on the Oklahoma College for Women campus.  In 1952, he moved his practice to Lawton and began designing some of the most modern structures in town.  The year after he moved to Lawton, Harris received four of the First Oklahoma Owners awards for his designs for the Cameron University Library addition, Ft. Sill Elementary, the Comanche County Hospital, and a residence in Chickasha.  Sadly, Harris died of a heart attack in 1958 in his Lawton home just as he was at the height of his career.


Paul Harris Associates

Projects in OK:

President’s House, Northeastern State University, Tahlequah
Cameron University Library, Lawton
Emerson School Auditorium, Lawton
Chickasha City Hall, Chickasha
Ft. Sill Elementary, Lawton
Harris House, Lawton
National Guard Armory and Maintenance Buildings, Lawton (on the National Register)
Cache Road Square Shopping Center, Lawton
McMahon Auditorium, Lawton
Lawtonian Hotel, Lawton
Comanche County Hospital, Lawton

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