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nurses dormitories - conner pojezny - norman


nurses dormitories - conner pojezny - norman

Designed by Conner & Pojezny
Griffin Hospital campus, Norman

This building was constructed as housing for nurses who were studying at OU and working at this mental hospital as part of their program. The design won the Oustanding Building/Medical award from the OK AIA in 1953, and Julius Shulman’s gorgeous photos of the building appeared in the February 1954 issue of Architectural Record and an issue of Brick and Tile (cover photo). Shulman also included images of the building in his Modernism Rediscovered books.

Central State Hospital Nurses Quarters

nurses dormitories - conner pojezny - norman2

Unfortunately, this incredible building was demolished in the late 1980s or early ’90s due to asbestos issues, and the site remains vacant today.

nurses dormitory site norman griffin central state hospital conner pojezny

In 1953, a short propaganda film called Mental Hospital was made about the hospital, and the Nurses’ Dormitory is featured at the 6:27 mark.

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