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038_harber cooper theater

Designed by Boller & Lusk
late 1940s
19 N. Robinson, OKC

The Cooper Foundation Theaters bought the old Liberty Theater, which was constructed in 1915, in the late 1940s.  Here’s a photo of the original facade:

Immediately, the company hired Boller & Lusk to redesign and modernize the grand building, which included creating a gloriously mod new facade and lobby area:

The newly renamed Harber opened to great acclaim in 1951:

Interiors were designed by Hanns Teichert:

Here’s a photo of “Johnny Guitar” playing at the Harber circa 1954:

When Cinerama equipment was installed that same year, the theater was renamed the Cooper.

Here’s another shot of the theater in the 1960s:

In 1975, the still-profitable Cooper closed, another victim of Urban Renewal.

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