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tomorrow's home 2016

tomorrow's home 2016

Designed by Rue, Berlowitz & Commander
Glenwood and Trenton, Nichols Hills

Dubbed “Tomorrow’s Home,” this residence was featured in the 8/8/48 edition of The Oklahoman with a long list of “modern mechanical marvels” and amenities, such as the use of “Pyramid Pumice” concrete, which ensured that the un-air conditioned home would be warm in winter and cool in summer (something especially important in the days just before anti-perspirants hit it big).  Here’s the ad:

tomorrows home berlowitz 1

Here’s the ad in more detail:

tomorrows home 2 cropped



tomorrow's home oklahoman ad 1

Finally, check out the home in its pink “Miami Vice” days, circa 2009:

"Tomorrow's Home" Residence

The remodeled home was on the 2018 AIA tour, and you can view photos of how it looks today on the Mod Blog.

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