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mistletoe 1956 2012.201.B2000.0307 - Copy

mistletoe 1956 2012.201.B2000.0307 - Copy

Designed by Coston Frankfurt & Short
111 Harrison, OKC

The Oklahoma Publishing Company (OPUBCO), which also owned the Oklahoman and Times, started Mistletoe Express in 1931 to deliver the newspaper throughout the state.  Soon, other companies began using the shipping company and, by 1955, the business had outgrown its digs on NW 5.  The firm, Coston Frankfurt & Short was summoned to design a new office building and distribution/warehouse spaces.  The office building was especially impressive:

mistletoe 1957 2012.201.B2000.0304 - Copy

Unusual rungs jutted out from the perfectly lined-up windows:

mistletoe 1956 2012.201.B2000.0314 - Copy

mistletoe 1957 2012.201.B2000.0313 - Copy

Also, a very spage-age Oklahoma sculpture with arrows darting out in all directions from OKC adorned the front of the building:

mistletoe 1957 2012.201.B2000.0312 - Copy

Here’s a photo of the lobby area:

mistletoe bldg 1956 2012.201.B2000.0310 - Copy

And another of the distribution center and warehouse:

mistletoe 1956 2012.201.B2000.0309 - Copy

Mistletoe called this complex home until going out of business in 1993.  The building remained vacant for awhile but was refurbished in 2007.  It is now home to the internet company, WaveLinx:


Vintage photos courtesy of the OPUBCO collection at the History Center.

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