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147_kerr mcgee research ctr int - FINAL - Copy

Architect unknown
NW 150th and Portland, OKC

Located on a large parcel of land in the far reaches of northwest Oklahoma City, this stunning building is composed of a T-shaped, International-style structure offset by a rounded reception area:

The complex cost $1.5 million to construct, and the building’s purpose (according to an Oklahoman article) was to carry “on an endless search for new discoveries in the fields of microbiology, metallurgy, hydrocarbons, and many other (fields).”  Kerr-McGee owned the facility, now named Tronox, until 2006, when the company became independent.  Today, the company continues to do research to “improve the performance and value of Tronox titanium dioxide pigment, electrolytic, and other specialty chemicals,” according to their website.

(Vintage photos courtesy of the Oklahoma History Center)

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