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Holy Temple Baptist Church

Architect unknown (possibly Begrow & Brown)
1540 NE 50th St., OKC
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With its crazy collection of connecting, hyperbolic paraboloids, this exciting design is one of the best examples of over-the-top Googie architecture in the city.  The small-but-stunning church was constructed circa 1960 and started life as the Holy Cross Lutheran Church.  Here’s the church under construction:

When that congregation moved to the southwest part of town in 1970, the Holy Temple Baptist Church moved in, and they have been there ever since.  The current pastor believes it was designed “by the same people who did the Cowboy Hall of Fame,” but this hasn’t been verified.

The Holy Temple Baptist Church is listed on the 2009 OKC MCM survey.

(Vintage photo courtesy of the Oklahoma History Center)

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