Let Your Fingers Do the Walking — Phone Book Mod

by Lynne Rostochil

One of my favorite research resources is a 1964 phone book I found at a garage sale several years ago for a quarter, and I swear, I spend more hours looking through the great ads in the back of this now-battered slice of life from the mid 60’s than I do poring over my favorite, beautifully photographed architecture books.

So, I thought you might like to take a voyeuristic look at OKC in the months after Kennedy was assassinated and the Beatles took America by storm.

New to town?  First stop: transportation for your tour of our “arrows-to-atoms” metropolis:

Next up, a place to stay.  There are a plethora of choices along Lincoln Boulevard; I highly recommend the Suntide Inn because it has to be the owner of one of the best signs in the Metro:

Hungry?  Well, let’s hop into our (hopefully) air conditioned rental with a.m. radio and vinyl bench seats and head over to Sussy’s for their famous international dinner or to the delightful, Tiki-themed Malihini for some Polynesian fare:

So, you’ve decided that you like OKC and want to move here?  Great!  Here’s the most modern in apartment living…

… which you’ll undoubtedly want to furnish in high style with pieces from this store:

So, now that you’re settled in, you want to meet that perfect somebody.  This might be a groovy place to start:

Or, maybe you’ll meet someone at work in this swanky, modern office building:

When you do find that person you want to go through life with, don’t forget to keep the romance alive with a beautiful flower arrangement or special gift from this fine establishment:

And, after a long and swinging life, you may not be too sad to find yourself going out in a very mod way here:

Then end.