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Allied building - Salvation Army - concrete block - Wright & Selby

allied building 1959 2012.201.B0961.0072 - Copy

Designed by Wright & Selby
NW Expressway and Penn, OKC

By 1958, the once-quiet area around Penn and NW Expressway was a-buzz with talk of a new concept in retail — the suburban shopping mall.  Developers were still hashing out final plans for the new Penn Square Mall when local firm, Wright & Selby, was hired to come up with a design for a new office building catty-corner to the incoming mall.  What they came up with was modern three-story building with that provided small office spaces for a variety of businesses — including the firm itself.  Here’s the building as its nearing completion just before the concrete block curtain walls were installed:

Allied Building - vintage shot

When it opened, this light brick and concrete block marvel was known as the Allied Building, but several years later the Salvation Army moved in and stayed for decades until a few years ago.  Now, the building is vacant and has been for sale for a few years, which may not bode well for the future of the mid-century beauty.

Allied building - Salvation Army - concrete block - Wright & Selby

Allied building - Salvation Army - entry - Wright & Selby

Update — Summer 2014:  The building has been purchased and the new owner removed all of the eye-catching concrete block, which makes the old Allied Building look naked and sad:


Update — March 2017:

The building is going to be demolished, along with several of the homes behind it, and a new shopping center that will include a Starbucks is going in its place.  Here are the plans for the new development.

Update — March 27, 2017:

The building is being demolished now:

allied bldg demolished 3 27 2016 pete brzycki

(Photo by Pete Brzycki)



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