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rancho village apartments robert d stone rendering


Designed by Robert D. Stone
1338 SW 38th, OKC

Designed by architect Robert D. Stone in concert with Pauline Kinkaid, one of the few female developers of the era — the entire Ranch Village subdivision and shopping center was her brainchild — this beautiful complex was once the height of everything modern.  A 1951 ad for the shiny, new apartments boasted that the kitchens were equipped with Nash Kelvinator refrigerators, all steel cabinets, garbage disposals, and Vesta electric ranges:

 rancho village kitchen

The 24-unit complex, containing 1- and 2-bedroom units, also had on-site laundry, storage, and a park where little Baby Boomers could play.  It’s convenient location next door to an elementary school, across the street from the Asbury United Methodist Church, and a block away from the Rancho Village Shopping Center — now closed — guaranteed that Rancho Village would be a high-demand place to live, and it certainly was.

rancho village apartments robert d stone rendering

In the decades since Rancho Village was built, the modest neighborhood has become a little worn and dilapidated, but the homes and church are well cared for and the elementary school has been recently expanded and remodeled, so maybe the area will bounce back and this lovely apartment complex will be spruced up, too.

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