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Hopewell Baptist Church

Designed by Bruce Goff
N. MacArthur and Edmond Rd., Edmond
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This teepee-style structure was built in 1948 for a small, mostly blue collar congregation.  Because so many of the church members worked out in the oil field as welders, they used leftover pipe as the trusses and worked to build the small church themselves.


This sanctuary was used for decades, but when it began to fall into disrepair, the congregation started meeting in the adjacent concrete block building, and Hopewell was left to fight against the elements for decades.


Hopewell - goff - rendering

In the last few years, however, Hopewell has been undergoing a painfully slow renovation.  A new roof was added, interior elements have been restored, and the congregations plans to move back into its teepee soon.  Fingers crossed.

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