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Designed by Truett L. Coston of Coston, Frankfurt & Short
NW 166th St. off of Western
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Architect Truett L. Coston built his modern farmhouse around an existing, Land Run-era cottage.  To make the old and new blend seamlessly, he mimicked the building’s original A-frame design in the modern addition to create a unique and extremely comfortable space:

Coston_shulman_front angle

Coston living shulman

Here’s a bird’s eye view of how Coston blended the old with the new:

coston house shulman home modernization guide plans2

He and his family lived in the home for a decade until Coston moved to Pennsylvania to do projects for Bethlehem Steel.  Subsequent owners completed unfortunate remodels that gave the house a sad, disjointed look when the current owners bought the place a decade ago.  They’ve spent their tenure as the home’s caretakers trying to preserve as much of the original architecture and design as possible.  Even with the remodels, the Coston house remains a beautiful example of Oklahoma MCM.

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