Recent Developments in OKC … Circa 1970

by Lynne Rostochil. 

I always love getting a great vintage gift and my pal, Koby Click, who owns Space. 20th Century Modern, recently dropped by and presented me with a cool booklet that was published in 1969 by the long defunct Oklahoma City Times.

This booklet is a treasure trove of plans and building projects that were in the works at the dawn of the 1970s and while I’ve seen many of them before in other documents, it’s really interesting to see all of them collected in one document like this.  It makes me realize what a boom time the metro area was experiencing then … much like the one we are living through now.  It’s also interesting to note how some of the planned projects morphed as they became reality and the ones that never left the drawing board at all in the wake of the bust a decade later.  I hope you enjoy this fascinating piece of local history as much as I have and be sure to click a photo to enlarge it so you can see every last detail of each page.