Recapping the Oklahoma Modernism Weekend: The Flashback Fashion Show

by Lynne Rostochil.  Photos by David Saunkheah, Ryan Jonce Humphreys, and Lynne Rostochil.  

This year, several photographers were on hand to photograph the three waves of the Flashback Fashion Show during the Oklahoma Modernism Weekend, and some of the best images I’ve seen were taken by professional photographer, David Saunkheah, who gave me permission to share them here with you.

David wasn’t on hand for the first wave of the show, but he captured these images of the second wave devoted to everything bright:

For the third wave, Debbie Ellis, better known as the Junk Fairy to some of you, featured patriotic fashion.  However, just as the first models began walking the runway, power to the entire building went out.  Suddenly, we had no light, no music, no nothing!  But that didn’t stop anyone.  The fiesty crowd turned on their phone flashlights and began clapping a beat, and the intrepid models continued their walk.

And here are a couple more that I took during the patriotic wave:

We also are thrilled that photographer, Ryan Jonce Humphreys has allowed us to post his photos of the fashion show.  They are so great, too!

Thank you, once again, to Debbie, her assistant, Tracy Mabry, and Diana at Bad Granny’s.  In addition, thanks to the fantastic and up-for-anything models who weathered the heat and the power outage with complete grace: Josie Pearson, Brooke Taylor, Tamara Jones, Adrienne Johnson, Katie Murray, Alexis Perry, Zhiane Dempsey, Meaghan Syrjala, Nazim Khalidov, Brayson Williams, Ryan Humphrey, and Will Hodges. Finally, thank you to hair stylists Carole Perry and Lacey San Nicholas. Hope all of you join us again next year!