The Plaza Tower Hotel: Designed for the Weary Travelers in Mind

by Lynne Rostochil.  Postcard from Lynne’s collection and brochure from Matt Goad’s collection.


Of all of the mid-century modern treasures we’ve lost in Oklahoma City, I really lament losing the Plaza Tower Hotel the most.  Maybe that’s because I remember driving by it quite a bit when I was a teeny tot and even then appreciating its quirky hexagonal beauty.  Sigh.

I am happy, however, that several images of the hotel remain, and our very own Matt Goad even owns a brochure, which pays homage to the building’s unusual shape in its design, from the hotel’s opening days back in 1960.  I really love it and thought you would, too.  Thanks, Matt, for sharing it!

plaza tower brochure 1

plaza tower brochure 2

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