Mac Teague, the Sign Master

by Lynne Rostochil.  Photos from Martin Treu’s collection, by Lynne Rostochil, by Bob Bowlby, and from the Mac’s Sign Shop collection.

mac teague

Oklahoma City lost one of its most iconic and prolific artists last month with the passing of Mac Teague, sign creator extraordinaire.  We’ve talked a bit about Mac’s Sign Shop on the Mod Blog before, so instead of rehashing a bunch of biographical information, I think the best way to pay tribute to Mac and his Googilicious body of work is through images and not words.  Thank you, Mac, for adding so much to our urban landscape.

macs signs mac teague sign shop

An early sign for Mac’s Sign Shop, 1950s.  Demolished.  A great mid-century building replaced the Quonset hut in the above photo:

mac's sign shop then bob bowlby

It is currently vacant:

mac's sign shop now #2

mchenry's drive-in - mac teague

McHenry’s, 937 SW 59th.  Demolished.

Mac Teague - sign 4

Steven’s Cleaners, NW 23rd and Classen.  Demolished.

Mac Teague - sign 5

Frankie’s Big Donut, 2008 N. Portland.  Demolished.

mac teague - drexel cleaners sign

Drexel Cleaners, NW 23rd and Brookline.  Altered.

drexel cleaners sign then

Drexel Cleaners sign in 2008.

drexel cleaners sign now

Drexel Cleaners sign today.

Mac Teague amc sign

AMC, NW 10th and Penn. Demolished in 2013.

AMC sign mac teague 2008

AMC sign mac teague 2008 guts

The AMC sign in 2008.

Mac Teague - Dons drive in

Don’s Drive-In, 4601 SE 29th. Demolished.

Mac Teague rhodes

Rhodes Thrif-T-Wise, SW 44th and May. Demolished.

Mac Teague keirn dairy

Keirn’s Dairy, 2412 SW 44th. Demolished.

Mac Teague lee's used cars

Lee’s Used Cars, SWOKC. Believed to be demolished.

Mac Teague del rancho

Del Rancho Drive-In, 2109 SW 29th.  Altered.

Mac likely designed the Del Rancho signs in Moore, Clinton, and Del City, among others.  I think he did the one that was once located at NW 10th and Penn, too:

del rancho possibly mac teague

Mac Teague trade winds motel

Trade Winds Motor Inn, Reno and Eastern, OKC.  Demolished.

Mac Teague tahoma motel

Tahoma Motel. I believe this one was in Lawton and has likely been demolished.

Mac's signs - downtown shops sign

Downtown Center Shops, Main St. and Flood, Norman. Demolished.

Mac's signs - farrow's sign

Farrow’s Cafeteria, location unknown — OKC Metro area.  Sign likely demolished.

Mac's signs - Dorothy Criner bbq sign

Dorothy Criner Bar-B-Q, SWOKC. 

I believe that this is the Dorothy Criner sign today.  It advertises a used car lot at SW 29th and Klein.  Here’s the sign today:

It’s in need of some love, but it’s still there!

Mac's signs - country club shops sign

Country Club Shops, SW 59th and Penn.  Demolished.

classen inn motel mac teague

Classen Inn Motel, NW 8th and Classen.  Extant but has been painted gray since I took this photo in 2008.

Mac Teague skateland

Skateland, 2020 W. Lindsey.  Extant.

Here’s the sign in 2006 before the name change and how it looks now.

mac teague sign shop

You can read more about Mac’s life and remarkable career here and here.  His obituary is here.  Finally, if you love signs, I highly recommend Martin Treu’s excellent book on the subject, Signs, Streets & Storefronts:

Mac's signs - signs book mac teague

And yes, that’s a Mac Teague sign on the cover!

Here’s one last photo from the OPUBCO collection at the History Center of Mac in front of his sign shop in 1977 advertising his later-in-life passion, building birdhouses:

mac teague signs 1977