Happy Holidays, Mod Squad Style — 2013

by Lynne Rostochil

With all of the frenzied shopping, food buying and preparation, and dealing with crazy family members who we dread seeing every year, we should all take a step back and think about the what the yuletide season is really all about … getting hilariously bad holiday cards and taking photos of drunken family members that you can use to embarrass them for decades to come!  So, sit back and enjoy a few holiday offerings that are sure to bring a smile or stir a sentimental feeling that might actually make you momentarily excited to see your nutty Aunt Gladys next week.

Have a great holiday, and we’ll be back in 2014!

Santa’s Toyland Special as presented by Braniff Airways — definitely a much more glamorous way to get around than a bunch of stinky reindeer.

Can you get more perfectly ’50s suburban America than this one?


If it has a banana seat (which I think it does), I think Santa might choose this mode of transportation over even the Toyland Special, don’t you?

The perfect starter family…

… and the perfect finished family, complete with an I Love Lucy-style sectional sofa.  LOVE!

Christmas loot is piled everywhere in this great Kodachrome slide.


It looks like apostrophe problems are nothing new.  The Rays had them, too, but who cares with all of that great mid-century eye candy to ogle?!

You’ve got to love a Shriner with a big organ … ugh, I didn’t mean it to sound that way … or maybe I did … I don’t know.

Two pubescent, hormonal kids with axes … not such a good idea.

A little tyke with a couple of six shooters … that’s more like it.

Mildred and Sally share a hug and a huge sigh of relief knowing that they didn’t burn the Christmas turkey to a crisp again this year.

Santa gives Bob and Larry a big thumbs up.

All the four girls on the right want for Christmas is a great, giant bouffant like their beautiful pal on the left.  I think I’d like that for Christmas, too, Santa.