On the Market: Mid-Century Gems For Sale

Text and images by Lynne Rostochil

If you’re in the market for a mid-century home, here are a few treasures that are currently (or will be) on the market around town.

First up is a sprawling 1956 ranch on Maxwell Dr., on nearly an acre of land in Forest Park that I toured a few days ago:

Although it looks like someone went a little overboard on the big, faux flowers and, inexplicably, added crazy crown molding all over the place, this house (3,500 sf, listed at $270,000) has some great MCM details, like an original planter/divider in the entry:

Original bathroom tilework and built-ins:

And, Filipino pine paneling, wood floors, and ironwork in the split-level living areas (left and center — the dining room is to the right):

To add a little spice, there’s also a monstrous backyard and pool:

Another home that I love (and can’t believe is still for sale) is the gorgeous Quail Creek digs designed and owned by renowned architect, Bill Howard.  This nearly 4,000 sf house (that sits on a wooded, golf course lot next door to the Howard-designed Quail Creek Country Club) has been for sale for a year now, and even though it needs some TLC, there’s not another place like it anywhere in the Metro:

On a little less grand (but still very dramatic) scale is the Mills house, a 3,000 sf gem that sits on a quiet cul-de-sac on Country Club Place (one block from Country Club Dr.).  This one-owner stunner was designed by Kenneth L. Siekman and built in 1966:

Currently listed at $599,900, the four-bedroom, crescent-shaped home is in great condition and has one of the most dramatic fireplaces I’ve ever seen:

The rest of the house isn’t too shabby, either.  Here’s the back of the house:

And check out this dramatic entry:

Wow, how swanky can you get?  The swank continues with a bar/dining room overlooking the spacious living area:

And check out the ceiling:

As if all of these details aren’t exciting enough, the home comes with an original set of blueprints and plans, too:

Lastly, here’s one that should be on the market soon.  I photographed the home as it was being prepared for an estate sale (which took place awhile back), thus all of the “stuff” in the images.

This is a two-owner home on the golf course in Quail Creek and was designed by local architect Robert Reed (not to be confused with the cute architect dad on “The Brady Bunch”).  Although relatively unknown today, Reed is one of my favorite 60’s residential architects in OKC.  Have a look, and you’ll see why:

Built in 1964, this unique, airy three-bedroom, 2,600 sf home is a MCM-lover’s dream that boasts many Wrightian influences, including this hallway bookcase topped with slanted windows that provide indirect lighting:

And, the cozy living room with rock walls, exposed beams, and more angled windows:

Of all of the mid-century homes I’ve dragged my poor husband to (and there have been a lot of them) this one is, by far, his favorite, even though it needs some TLC (the original master bedroom has been converted into a den and the kitchen is in pretty sad shape).  While I can’t say it’s my favorite (because it’s impossible to name just one), this house is pretty amazing and would be a great abode for a future Mod Squad gathering (hint, hint to the future owner).

If you want more information about the homes that are currently for sale, go here:


And, if you know of an MCM home in the Metro that is on the market, let us know, and we’ll profile it in an upcoming post.

(A big thanks goes to my friend, realtor Kerry Norman, for always being willing to take me on tours of great homes. )